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Welcome to Sushma Swaroop International School
At Sushma Swaroop International School, we believe that education is a preparation for life, that is an enjoyable, interactive ongoing process. It equips students to be thinking, caring and confident young adults. We are committed to developing citizens who are aware, sensitive, open minded and creative. Our objective is to inculcate a positive attitude, imbibe social and moral values and encourage originality. Our goal is to produce children who raise questions, form independent hypotheses and develop an inquisitive mind.
The emphasis at Sushma Swaroop International School is on learning and not on teaching. In order to realize this vision we have created an ambience where children want to learn. Knowledge is not just imparted but students are trained to experiment, collect information, draw inferences and to arrive at their own conclusions. We believe that real learning comes from doing things, taking the knowledge thus learnt and applying it in other situations.
Sushma Swaroop International School is unlike other formal schools where the system is loaded towards the "scholastic mind". In such schools only children who easily grasp the concept of maths, science and language do well, but in our school we recognize that children have many other strengths that must be inculcated, reinforced and used to develop a balanced personality.
Inculcation of values is also an integral part of our philosophy - caring for others and for the environment around us is not "taught" but is built curriculum of every subject.
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